• 3D Iceberg Diamond Photo Crystal XL (170 x 130 x 60mm)

Our new bigger sized Extra Large 3D Iceberg Diamond Personalised Crystal, allows you to personalise any photo into a memorable keepsake gift, by having your photograph digitally laser engraved into a solid block of

Quality optically clear crystal glass. Bring your memories to life with this extra special 3D Iceberg.

This extra special piece has a neat bevelled edge which adds extra beauty to this wonderful Iceberg shape.

Make that moment last forever with this superb gift fit for any occasion.

Each item is supplied in a free satin lined gift box. “Truly a gift to treasure for Life.... "

Crystal size: 170mm x 130mm x 60mm

Difference between 2D and 3D

Difference between 2D and 3D

This shows the side view of the crystal and the effect the 3D conversion has over the standard 2D.

The effect when viewed from the front (the normal viewing angle) is the very realistic 3D experience of depth of the image which you cannot get from the original 2D photo.

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3D Iceberg Diamond Photo Crystal XL
(170 x 130 x 60mm)

  • £98.00