Laserpics specialises in creating personalised crystals and jewellery for those looking for sentimental and unique gift ideas. Using laser technology, the result is, a timeless piece of personal history preserved in crystal forever...

We can engrave inside crystal without affecting the exterior. Our engravings create high-quality pieces of art.. Laserpics place great emphasis on customer service, aiming to deliver complete satisfaction every time

We want you to enjoy our 3D laser technology and to make it affordable and accessible to all. So please feel free to take advantage of our special offers and immense yourself in the world of 3D Crystal Laser Engraving. We have a diverse range of high quality crystal shapes and sizes to choose from...

Please take time to explore our new and updated website, we have made the ordering process easier and more user friendly, so please enjoy!


image for 2D Heart Pendant Necklace (28x28x5mm)

2D Heart Pendant Necklace (28x28x5mm)

Laserpics heart shaped crystal pendant necklaces are the perfect way to capture someone’s heart and ..


image for 3D Vega Crystal (80 x 50 x 50mm)

3D Vega Crystal (80 x 50 x 50mm)

Limited offer until 28th October 2016 - Up to two half bodies or pets for free (was £10)3D Vega Crys..

£28.00 £39.99

image for 3D Heart on side Crystal (80 x 80 x 40mm)

3D Heart on side Crystal (80 x 80 x 40mm)

Crystal size 80mm x 80mm x 40mm This unique crystal heart is a classic shape th..


image for 3D Asteria Crystal (90 x 80 x 40mm)

3D Asteria Crystal (90 x 80 x 40mm)

Asteria Crystal - Curved Asteria 90mm(w) 80mm(h) 40mm(d) ..