3D Heart on side Laser Crystal Image Engraving (80 x 80 x 40mm)
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Crystal size 80mm x 80mm x 40mm

This unique and very stylish romantic crystal heart on side is a classic shape that never goes out of fashion.

Have a photo of your choice laser imposed into crystal for an amazing effect.

An excellent gift to show your loved ones you care how much they mean to you, or, smply for yourself as a keepsake, reminder of important people in your life.

Your masterpiece is beautifully presented in a satin lined gift box

Difference between 2D and 3D

This shows the side view of the crystal and the effect the 3D conversion has over the standard 2D.

The effect when viewed from the front (the normal viewing angle) is the very realistic 3D experience of depth of the image which you cannot get from the original 2D photo.